Welcome to the Suzuki Talent Education Program

String playing starts with STEP!

STEP is Newfoundland & Labrador’s only Suzuki Music Education program, offering conjoint private and group lessons in violin, viola and cello instruction to children 3 & up. STEP also offers Early Childhood Education classes for babies and toddlers, as well as theory, fiddle, orchestra, and performing groups to foster well-rounded musicians. STEP is more than music lessons for your child – it’s a nurturing community to grow your child’s heart and musical talents, and offers a positive, supportive environment for the whole family.

Make music part of your family life by signing up today! Families returning to STEP for 2019-2020 can visit our schedule and calendar. We’re looking forward to a wonderful season!

What’s Happening – September 2019

Our 1st Concert Field Trip  – Friday, September 27th

Our first Concert Field Trip to hear the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra is taking place on Friday, September 27th at the Arts & Culture Centre. This is an optional activity for our students, and a wonderful opportunity to build friendships outside of group class and experience live, professional music making! The NSO Masterworks #1 features Canadian violinist Andrew Wan, performing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4. It will be a very exciting program for string players! The concert starts at 8pm and will run until 10pm. More information, and listening, available here: https://nsomusic.ca/masterworks-1/.

The cost for each child to attend is $10. Please email step@suzukinl.ca by September 21st to sign up your child. This is a suggested activity for children 5 and up. Chaperones are organized by STEP and everyone will be seated together as a group.

Vegetable Hamper – Fall Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser of the season is just in time for Thanksgiving dinner – we’re running a Vegetable Hamper Fundraiser! The Vegetable Hampers include 12-15 pounds of fresh, local vegetables including potato, carrot, turnip, and cabbage. The hampers are supplied by Ripple Trail Farm, in Markland, NL. Participation is completely voluntary. Families who choose to participate will earn 25% of all sales. Your proceeds will be credited to your family’s own fundraising account. These funds can later be applied to winter semester fees, future summer camp/NLSI registration, and other STEP activities. Families can also participate and donate all proceeds to STEP.

Hampers are $15. Orders and payment in full is due by Saturday, September 21, Week 1 of group class. Hampers will be delivered on Saturday, October 5, Week 3 of group class. Parents are responsible for collecting their entire order between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the parking lot of MUN School of Music, by Suncor Energy Hall. Contact step.devmanager@gmail.com for more info.