Body Mapping Drawing Contest

Calling all young artists!

Jennifer Johnson needs some help with a project for one of her books. Your artwork may be featured on the cover!

Deadline: March 4th

Winners will receive a skeleton shirt and a half-hour Body Mapping lesson!

Jennifer’s second book, Teaching Body Mapping to Children, has just been translated into French. The Parisian publisher, Lemoine, is requesting that she change the front cover from what the US publisher chose for a cover, to show children’s drawings of various bony structures of the body. They would like them in colour (or coloured in after the fact).

Let Jennifer know ASAP if you’re interested in helping: it might be your drawing that gets chosen for the new front cover of this book!

At the bottom of this page are several images that belong to the Body Mapping organization that you can make multiple photo-copies of, and use to do both of the following suggestions :

1. Tracing:
Trace parts of body in coloured pencil crayons and/or crayons-
For example: make several copies of the empty body outline and trace a body part from the filled-in body… EITHER the spine OR the skull OR the ribs OR the legs/arms or a few combined but please NOT the whole skeletal system reproduced in one drawing.
Another example -You can trace an outline of the arm or hand from one of these images and then enlarge it perhaps to make a hand a bit bigger- fill in the hand/finger bones and colour the hand bones a different colour than the rest of the finger bones.

2. Drawing Freehand:
After you’ve traced a few times, you are probably ready to just look off of one of the photocopies images and try to draw freehand- ALSO IN COLOUR PLEASE. Again, you can colour different parts of the same structure in different colours. E.g.  if you were doing the skull, you could colour the jaw (a separate bone from the actual skull) a different colour than the rest of the skull.

It’d be best to have drawings to choose from that are fairly accurate but do not look like they’ve all been traced. Colouring a bit out of the lines is encouraged! 🙂

We’ll need several drawings to choose from so please be prolific and HAVE FUN!
The winners would be announced at a public STEP event and will be shown off once the book is published, in print and delivered!

Thanks Everyone for your help- please remember- the deadline is very soon, so get drawing this week if you want to participate! Email Jennifer please as soon as you have some finished:



Here’s more information about Jennifer and Body Mapping. Play pain-free!