Core Suzuki Program

The core Suzuki Method program includes combination of weekly private and group lessons, with lots of solo and shared performance opportunities!

Private Lessons

Private instruction is integral to the Suzuki Method. Students enrolled in STEP take a weekly lesson with a Suzuki trained and accredited teacher. Private lessons are scheduled and billed separately by the teachers themselves. Private lessons are taken in conjunction with group classes at STEP.

Core Suzuki Group Classes

All group classes take place on Saturday mornings, at Memorial University’s School of Music across 18 weeks from September 2019 – April 2020 with 2 semester-end group concerts. The STEP fee is between $400 – $445 per child, depending on class length, and includes both core instrumental and core musicianship classes. As part of your enrolment fee, your child also performs on one of our solo recitals and our annual graduation concert when a book level is completed. All concerts and recitals are accompanied by a professional pianist.

Core Instrumental Group Classes

A key component of the Suzuki Method is shared learning in group classes. Children meet in a class with other children their own age, playing the same instrument at the same Suzuki book level. Group classes provide students with the opportunity to review repertoire they’ve learned and to perform in front of their peers. They are also are also the only regular opportunity most students have to learn to play with live piano accompaniment. Learning happens much more quickly when children are allowed to watch and play with others. In addition to group lessons reinforcing what transpires in the private lesson, they also provide a motivating social environment, an atmosphere that helps inspires students to practice.

Core Musicianship Group Classes

Musicianship teaches your child to read. For a musician, reading notes is as important as reading words – not reading (or reading badly) is a major handicap. Think of the wonderful world that opened to your child when they began to read books! There is a similar world of music, just waiting for your child to unlock the mystery of musical notation.

STEP’s Musicianship classes are part of our core Suzuki program required for each child.  The Musicianship curriculum includes rhythm training, aural skills, mapping the instrument (knowing where the notes are on the fingerboard) and musical symbology (clefs, lines and spaces, pitches, rhythms). As your child progresses through the Musicianship curriculum, they will learn about keys, modes and scales, musical terms, and learn how to identify intervals by ear and on the page.

Musicianship is a required class for all STEP students who are 6 years of age or older. Music & Movement is an introduction to Musicianship, for children 5 years of age and younger.

Parents as Partners

Parents are expected to attend all group classes of children 13 years & younger. Parents are asked to sit quietly and support the learning environment by being aware of the class structure, participating when called upon, and taking notes for home practice.

First Time Families

Are you registering your child for violin, viola, or cello for the first time? Visit our Starting with Suzuki guide for more details.