Teachers’ Studio Policy

Parent Training

All beginning Suzuki parents are required to attend the Parent Training Sessions BEFORE their child starts private lessons with their teachers. These sessions are held in September. Parents who do not complete parent training will receive a refund and will not be scheduled for lessons or group class.

Missed Lessons

Missed Lessons CANNOT BE MADE UP. If you are unable to make your regularly scheduled lesson slot for any reason (illness, forgetfulness, weather, birthday party, etc.), then that lesson is considered a “miss”.
Many STEP teachers provide their students with a master studio schedule. This allows students to call and switch lesson times with another student of the same lesson length if a conflict arises. PLEASE inform your teacher of any changes you have arranged.
If a STEP teacher cancels a lesson, it will be made up or refunded.

Group Classes

As group classes are an intrinsic part of the Suzuki Method, attendance at them by all students is MANDATORY. Any request to not attend must be approved by the Artistic Director.

Please give as much advance notice as possible to the group teacher regarding your child’s absence from the group lessons due to illness or other special event conflicts that may occasionally arise, as this will affect their lesson plans.


In the Suzuki Method, observation of one another’s lessons is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and is quite common. It is a good way for the students to learn from one another in a non-pressured environment. You can expect other people to attend your lessons. Please choose lessons from your teacher’s master schedule for you and your child to observe. When observing, REMEMBER TO BE QUIET and not distract the other students. There is no extra charge for observing.

Payment and Outstanding Fees

All STEP teachers’ fees are to be paid in advance – usually post-dated cheques at the beginning of the year, although “payment time-blocks” will vary from studio to studio.
NSF cheques: STEP requests that you kindly reimburse the studio teacher for the full amount of the cheque as well any additional administrative fees incurred by the teacher.
A student/parent must pay all outstanding fees for lessons given by a STEP teacher. If fees are not paid in full by the end of a given teaching year, the student/parent cannot expect to enroll in the program (or the Atlantic Canada Suzuki Institute) the next year with any STEP teachers.
Change of Teacher

If a change of teacher is desired, the student / parent must speak to the Artistic Director BEFORE calling and engaging the services of another teacher.

One month’s notice to the STEP teacher is required before changing teachers – if that notice is not given, then PAYMENT FOR ONE MONTH’S LESSONS will be expected.

Quitting the Program

One month’s notice to the STEP teacher is also required before quitting. Again, if that notice is not given, the PAYMENT FOR ONE MONTH’S LESSONS will be expected.