STEP Fiddlers Master Schedule – Winter-Spring 2018

Senior STEP Fiddlers: here is the list of ALL events, classes, rehearsals and performances at which you are expected from January to June 2018. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to miss any of them, at

Download this whole thing to print on one page (PDF format):

Have your filled out the Tour Repertoire Survey? (PDF format) You can update it if you’ve learned new tunes since you last gave us one. Even if you’re not touring, it’s very helpful for us to know what you know.

Need some guidance about catching up on tunes? Here are Christina’s review lists, with dates of the class/rehearsal when tunes will be required to be memorized.

Learning Resources website: – if you don’t know the password, or can’t find something, contact Heather right away!

Jan 27: Group Classes
Feb 3: MMaP day. TIMES TODAY ONLY for Advanced rehearsal:
9:00 for those with solo/duo/etc. proposals, 9:15 for everyone else – until 10:15.
10:30-11:30 will be a dance for the juniors.
Feb 10: Group Classes
Feb 17: Winterfest. All classes have changed times/rooms; full info here.
Extra rehearsal, 12:15-1:15, Choral Room.
Feb 24: Session in MMaP 9:30, and last rehearsal before Kiwanis, 10:30-12 noon.
Feb 24: KIWANIS PERFORMANCE, 8:20 pm, D. F. Cook Hall, MUN Music

Note: all MMaP rehearsals from now on will be 10:30-12 noon.

March 3: Dance in MMaP 9:30; Rehearsal 10:30-12, with Carole substituting – Christina will be away

March 10: Session in MMaP 9:30; Rehearsal 10:30-12

March 17: Group Classes

March 24: Group Classes

March 31: EASTER weekend – nothing scheduled!

April 7: Dance in MMaP 9:30; Rehearsal 10:30-12, with a substitute – Christina will be away

April 14: Group Classes

April 21: Session in MMaP 9:30; Rehearsal 10:30-12

April 28: Group Classes


May 5: Group Classes

May 12: morning: Group Classes

May 12: afternoon: sound check and possible recording session in Suncor Hall, time TBA

7pm, Suncor Hall, MUN Music.

May 19: Victoria Day Holiday, nothing scheduled

MONDAY, May 21: last rehearsal before the tour!
7pm-9:30pm: Location TBA

May 25th-28th: TOUR!


June 2, June 9: Group Classes

June 16: Final STEP concert

Late June: Recording session?